Re Usable Mask with Insert for 3 Ply Mask

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Brand New Factory Made Re Usable Cotton Face Mask with insert pocket for your surgical mask, filter and nose insert metal band design

 Protective Mask Limited Stock

Reusable Mask with Insert For Filter

📌 Factory Made Facial Mask.

❤️ Black Washable Cotton Fabric, Cloth Mask Series

📌 Nose insert slot for metal band sewed in.

📌 A slot in between to insert disposable surgical mask or filter. ( Disposable can last longer use, cloth mask washable )  

📌 Insert surgical mask, non woven cloth or any other type of filter inside is advisable

📌 Easy to put in filter

📌 Can insert surgical mask

📌 FREE Size

📌Outer:  100% Cotton , 

📌Inner:  Material use cotton fabric , Gauze, Soft to touching for baby skin


📌according to a Taiwanese Doctor, this kind of design can give good protection